Point Reyes, nr San Francisco, CA

Laugh Back the Light

Join us for a very special workshop that will help you to de-compress, de-stress, and UNPLUG!! during the dark days of winter… out in beautiful Pt Reyes.


Register today:  $90
Saturday December 16


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Where women come together to Play, Collaborate, and Connect!

Laugh Back the Light

Pamela Stoneham brings women together, and skillfully builds an environment where listening, saying “YES and…”  focusing on making your partner look good, and turning down the volume of the relentless “inner critic’s” voice is built into the play. Together we stretch and encourage our imaginations, share our stories and gently tug at the edges of our comfort zone…You will leave energized, awakened and more comfortable with being fearlessly your one-and-only incredible self. And as if that was not enough, we will be joined in musical accompaniment by the gifted and incredible HARMONY GRISMAN!

Pre-registration is required:  Workshop $90 – Please email me and send a check (as early as possible. This helps with planning immensely) I will email you back when I receive these to confirm your registration.

Mail checks made payable to Pamela Stoneham to 6725 SW Pt Robinson Rd, Vashon, WA 98070

About Pamela Stoneham


pamelaPamela Stoneham is the founder of  “Laughing Matters” She is a strong advocate for the healing and empowering use of laughter and humor and taking the skills used in Improv,  beyond the stage and into daily life.

A performer and skilled teacher/facilitator for the past 25 years, she has taken her experiences of teaching at numerous camps and retreats throughout the Northwest and formed her own unique style of teaching called ‘SOUL PLAY.’

Her technique is a fusion of applied Improv, movement and skill building games, with the inclusiveness and empowering qualities learned from working at the camps.

Pamela creates a safe and supportive “playground” where participants learn to trust their own voice, reconnect with their imaginations, each other, move their bodies, and most importantly laugh!

Connecting through laughter!


The nature of Soul Play workshops is highly interactive and inclusive. Everyone is invited to play and participate.

Support and positive choices are built into the workshops and critical judgments are absent.

Soul Play tends to expedite the participants getting comfortable with one another in an easy, natural manner.

Laughter is a great catalyst for finding common ground with one another, and lessening the importance of our differences.

The workshops are useful for anyone wanting to re-connect to the playful and creative inside.

At the center of these workshops is fun, the joy of suspending responsibility, returning to our imaginations, creating stories together, connecting with other people, and most importantly the laughter that we create with one another.


Let's play together.